So Hardcore Vol. 1

Just a mix of dope songs. I was going to do some sort of theme, but I’ve been messing around with the computer and had some trouble. So the loose theme is tracks that are somewhat recent (a couple from ’06, but most from ’07 or ’08) and artists that are somewhat unknown. I would’ve thrown together a cover, but once again: Fuck computers. Tracklist + download after the jump…

  1. C.R.A.C. Knuckles – Cotton
  2. M1 Platoon – Let’s Make a Mixtape (ft. Phocuz)
  3. The Cool Kids – Flossin’
  4. El Prez – So EZ
  5. Esso – Million Bucks
  6. Henok – Rockstar Rollin’
  7. Jay Electronica – Get ‘Em (ft. Guilty Simpson & Mr. Porter)
  8. Wale – Wale Revere
  9. Tanya Morgan – Take the W
  10. Mickey Factz – Rest of ‘Em (ft. Theophilus London)
  11. Nobi – Favorite Song
  12. Pacific Division – How We Chill
  13. Scanz – Don’t Front
  14. Theo – T.V. Show (My Life)
  15. U-N-I – Beautiful Day

Download it.

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