Eli Porter – The Elicist [Exclusive Mixtape]


Artist : Eli Porter
Album : The Elicist
Source : CD
Year : 2008
Genre : Hip-Hop
Codec : LAME 3.96
Bitrate : VBR ~128K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Total Time : 28:23
Total Size : 22.0 MB
Release Notes : Shouts to everyone that made this possible: Xoxnxex Films (original classic video), creematthew (intro), heli0s2003 (numerous songs), Artikal + Jointman (Jungle Remix), gwalker282 (Over 9000), Triple B (Eli Responds), WashingtonBeUpInThis (Spits Fire, Possessed), charlychampyon (So Hood), DJ TEKNIK (See I’m the Best) & Jimdino (I Keep It For Real). Shouts to Nappa, Vegeta, J-Dub (hi hater!), and Weezy for hopping on the tape. Envy appears on a couple songs, but is uncredited due to the tension between him and Eli. Shouts to Eli for keeping it real. Last but not least, thanks to the cats over at So Hardcore (fwhatyouheard.wordpress.com) for leaking this for y’all. “The Big Upset” hitting stores July ’08. Cop that.

01. IMMA HAVE TO GIVE IT TO MAH BOI (Intro) (ft. J-Dub) (0:20)
02. The Infamous Iron Mic Freestyle (1:36)
03. Deed It (1:22)
04. Best Man (1:07)
05. Cat On The Grill (1:11)
06. Funk Mix (2:09)
07. Soul Mix (1:15)
08. Dirty Mix (1:07)
09. Jungle Mix (1:22)
10. Over 9000 (ft. Nappa & Vegeta) (0:56)
11. Eli Responds To Controversy (Marv-O, J-Dub & A-14 Diss) (2:49)
12. Eli Spits Fire (Freestyle) (2:12)
13. Da Best Mayne (So Hood Remix) (1:04)
14. See I’m The Best (2:38)
15. I Keep It For Real (ft. Lil’ Wayne) (4:28)
16. Eli Is Possessed (The Elicist) (1:42)
17. Still The Best (Outro) (1:05)


UPDATE: Download This Too.

The update is tracks 2-7. They wouldn’t play on my iPod so I fixed them and there they are. I’m too lazy to re-up the whole thing.

One Response to “Eli Porter – The Elicist [Exclusive Mixtape]”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey the update link can’t be found and my tracks 2-7 dont work either.

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