Eli Porter – For Doz Dat Ran From Da Cat

Since SOHH, NBS, and various blogs have been showing love to The Elicist, I had to drop more heat. I was going to keep this on the down-low for a day or two, but I already dropped it on 2dopeboyz and SOHH. So fuck it.


Artist : Eli Porter
Album : For Doz Dat Ran From Da Cat
Source : CD
Year : 2008
Genre : Hip-Hop
Codec : LAME 3.96
Bitrate : VBR ~128K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Total Time : 14:05
Total Size : 6.5 MB
Release Notes : Shouts to every blog showing love out there. Shouts to everybody bumping The Elicist in the whip. Shouts to all the Eli followers. This isn’t a new mixtape, more of a bonus from Eli to show appreciation for all the Elicist love. This is dedicated to the cockswallowers (no Marv-O) that ran from da cat. Envy paid of the judges. Raindrop is a racist bigot (calls Eli a coon). Serius Jones lied, Eli is immune to the flu. V.I.C. AKA Lil’ Lil’ Wayne got wrecked. War Machine is “the lamest nikka I know.” Soulja Boy… no comment. Fukk y’all. Support the Eli movement. This IS an INVASION!
01. vs. Envy (4:15)
02. vs. Raindrop (1:37)
03. vs. Raindrop (Alternate Ending) (1:38)
04. vs. Serius Jones (3:09)
05. vs. V.I.C. (1:25)
06. vs. War Machine (0:56)
07. vs. Soulja Boy (1:06)

Download! (zShare)

One Response to “Eli Porter – For Doz Dat Ran From Da Cat”

  1. da best mayne Says:

    link expired can you re-up that shit, mayne?

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